Sherry Rehman

D.O.B 21 December 1960

Member Since 2002

Political Party Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)

Position Senior Member

Sherry Rehman
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On 23 November 2011, she was named Pakistan's ambassador to United States following the resignation of Hussain Haqqani, who was asked to resign by Prime Minister Gilani in the wake of the "Memogate" scandal.

Rehman's latest book The Kashmiri Shawl: From Jamawar to Paisley, co-authored with Naheed Jafri, was published in 2006 by Mapin Publishing India and Antique Collectors Club UK. The book was nominated for The R.L Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award for 2006 in the US.


Sherry Rehman is a member of the Pakistan People's Party Parliamentarians (PPPP).

She served as a Member of the National Assembly (MNA) from 2002 to 2007, where she acted as Central Information Secretary. During this time, she was also President of Policy Planning for the PPPP and served on the party's Foreign Relations Committee.

In March 2008, Rehman was re-appointed by declaration as MNA for Sindh province to the reserved MNA seat for women. Prime Minister Yusuf Gilani appointed her Minister for Information and Broadcasting, and on 31 March 2008 she was sworn in by President Pervez Musharraf.

During her tenure in parliament, Rehman authored all five PPP bills tabled in the National Assembly: the Women Empowerment Bill, Anti-Honor Killings Bill, Domestic Violence Prevention Bill, Affirmative Action Bill and Hudood Repeal Bill. She also moved two bills concerning the media: the Freedom of Information Bill and the Press Act, which prevents working journalists from being arrested under the 1999 Press Ordinance.


Shehrbano “Sherry” Rehman is a Pakistani politician, political journalist and diplomat.

Rehman was appointed the Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US on November 23, 2011 succeeding Husain Haqqani. Previously, she was the Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting from March 2008 until March 2009.

In civil society, Rehman is the Chair of the Lady Dufferin Foundation Trust, reportedly the largest non-profit provider of women and children’s subsidised healthcare in the province of Sindh.

In January 2009, a report of the International Republican Institute referred to her as “Democracy’s Hero” as a result of her close association with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s campaign for democratic rule in Pakistan. The reference, picked up by several Pakistani media outlets, received mixed coverage. In the same month, Rehman was named among the “100 Most Influential Asians” by UAE magazine Ahlan.

Rehman resigned her post as Information Minister on 14 March 2009, due to differences of opinion with the President Asif Ali Zardari on imposing restrictions on the media.

In 2013, Rehman was accused of commiting “blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty” in Pakistan, “in connection with a 2010 TV talk show.” She was accused by Muhammad Faheem Gill, who went to the Pakistan “Supreme Court with his complaint after police refused to register it. The court ordered police in the central Pakistani city of Multan to investigate.

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