Polls.pk is a non-partisan web tool for comparing election candidates with each other on topical issues and supporting issues and candidates in social media.

Our Solution:

    • We want to make Pakistani politics more transparent, engaging and accessible to all the people.


    • We want to help people become more informed and engaged with politics and to provide them an easy, free and effective way to implement grassroots campaigning.


    • The aim is also to level out the playing field for all the candidates. The candidates with lower campaign budgets do not have as good change to get their opinions heard in the mainstream media. Polls.pk wants to present all the candidates in an equal manner and apply same rules for them. This helps also the major candidates since by participating in an equal playing field with all candidates the mandate of the winning candidate will be stronger. We believe that respecting democracy and minorities is a characteristic of a good representative leader and will gain support beyond party boundaries.


  • The world gets more inter connected and we share many critical problems. So national politics is becoming more relevant for the global audience every day. Thus the idea of the future Polls.pk is to filter the most popular political issues. Up until now it has been experimented in national elections but the plan is to extend its use beyond election cycles and include.

How does it work?
It has three elements which are rating, voting and promoting. The platform is open for everyone in the world to use but the citizens of Pakistan are the major users in the 2013 elections.

1. Rating (comparing candidates with each other and finding out own favorite candidate)
A user can rate candidates opinions on various political issues such as health care, education, security etc. By logging in with Facebook a user can vote the party and politician. You can also invite your family and friends to cast vote online. Beside casting vote you can also rate any politician.

2. Voting (showing support for own favorite candidate)

By logging in with Facebook it is possible for a user to cast a vote for a politician. Each user has one vote that they can change whenever they want. They can also decide to unpoll their vote. Besides seeing the total numbers and percentages a user can also see how their Facebook friends have voted.

3. Promoting (promoting candidate to own social networks)

A user can promote his/her favorite candidate to his social networks by sharing the vote to Facebook pages and friends by using the sharing features of the application. It is an easy way to get more votes for the candidates in the application and improve the ranking of the candidate.

How many users so far?
We have very limited budget and have done hardly any marketing. The service has been in beta-test mode and we havenĀ“t yet been able to make the user interface changes to make it available for larger audience. So share this platform as much as possible.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to contact us.

So what will you do when elections are over?

At the end of every week we will show the results of polls publically. We will try to find partners to help with the expansion of the service and to design it to work beyond election cycles.